Friday, February 08, 2008

I'd Like My Over Easy And Ever So Slightly Contemplated

Have you ever thought about eggs? Wondered who was the the first to say "Hey I think I'll take this thing that comes out of the back end of a chicken and scramble it then eat it." Or maybe it was more like Uggh going out and finding the eggs with his faithful hunting mongrel dog who ate a few and didn't die, then bringing them home to his tribe for food. One day as Uggh was scrambling up some eggs and mammoth bacon for breakfast he sees a wild free range chicken pooping out an egg and thinks "Oh damn! They come from there?!?!? GROSS! but... they do taste good... I'm not telling Uggh Jr. about this though."

Oh... sorry, you haven't contemplated eggs? Yeah, me neither.

Have a great day, I'm totally in the dumps.

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