Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Party

This past Sunday we celebrated the anniversary of Super Girl's birth with a movie party. Sadly do to the fact that I birthed her in February, her parties have SUCKED since her 3rd birthday on. This year was not as bad as the year her party got snowed out or the year her party just got fucking canceled, but it wasn't ideal. Two kids showed up and for that I'm thankful.

Because I'm a complete moron at times I had everyone meeting at the theater at 1 pm and the movie started at 2:25 pm (I'd like to thank the movie theater for that little gem as they didn't post movie times until just 4 days prior to the party). It worked out fine as we just did lunch and cake first instead of after the movie.

During lunch Super Girl's best friend Dakota amazed us all with an astounding life tip. Out of the blue she said "One tip, never try to ride a sheep." I struggled to not laugh as she told of a time of getting trampled by a sheep after a failed riding attempt. You see, dear Dakota's parents own a ranch so she has all these fabulous animal tales to tell.

THEN we went for TORTURE. Well that was just ME who was tortured, everyone else enjoyed the craptacular movie. It seems that the only other person I know of who dislikes Alvin and The Chipmunks as much as I do is my sweetie, Sarge. There was one particularly funny moment, when Dave was in the store talking to a frustrated mother about kids and he says something about knowing how frustrating they can be and how sometimes you just want to put them in a box, close it up and stick it in the forest. The mother looks horrified and I laughed because, yeah, I've wanted to do that. (oops sorry, I ruined the only funny moment in the movie)

After the torture I attempted to call Dakota's dad to come fetch her and realized that, oops I'm a dumbass because I put his phone number in my cell wrong. HAH! A moment of greatness brought to you by ME! Not a huge issue, I took the kids to the park to play while K went to Khols where Dakota's mom works to arrange pick up for Dakota.

And what the hell is it with kids and dogs? Because it was the first nice day in a while, EVERYONE and their DOG was at the park. And the girls just HAD to touch EVERY dog we passed. WTF? Though that did bring about yet another great Dakota moment. We walked up to a woman with an Irish setter, Dakota says "Oh I used to have a dog like this," and she pets him for a few minutes then says "but we had to get rid of him because we found out he was killing our goats." I say "Thanks Dakota, that's a real special story. Come on girls, you have a nice day lady."

All in all it wasn't to bad. Super Girl was still disappointed that more people didn't show up, though very happy that Dakota and Incrediboy showed up. Thanks McGyver for bringing Incrediboy out and suffering through the movie... oh wait, you LIKED the movie didn't you. BAH! ;) Thanks anyway.

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