Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Tale of Two Wedding Cakes

Saturday was an unbelievably busy day. Unbelievable because it was AFTER Valentine's day and it was rainy and icky. No matter I still had 18 cake orders, two being wedding cakes (below). At one point I had 3 cakes due in 30 minutes and had to ask my manager to help by icing the cakes so I could just decorate. Crazy day.
This was the first cake. I thought the colors were atrocious. The roses are pink, white and burgundy.
This cake left me confused. My order had two pieces of ribbon to match the colors to and said "Red roses, purple flowers." No other instructions.
This is what I made. I had trouble with the red as it wasn't holding it's shape well - it's a common problem with red, it tends to get squishy. Until this past Saturday, I've never known a bride to be so ambivalent about their cake.

How LAME am I?

I just finished deleting a paragraph about me buying new work shoes. WTF? Sorry, my sanity departed for just a moment.

Movie Review

Friday night Sarge and I went to see Jumper. After suffering through Alvin and the Chipmunks last week, I really needed a good movie to shove those rodents out of my subconscious. Jumper is a fun movie, Hayden Christensen is not bad to look at and Samuel L. Jackson with crazy white hair is interesting to say the least. Parts of the movie were predictable but the special effects were very slick. The fight scenes were great - especially if you don't mind watching someone get shocked with a cattle prod. My only kvetch was that the movie ends kind of abruptly and you leave thinking "Is that all?" My guess is this is their way of leaving the door open for a sequel. And there is lots of room for a sequel, plenty of lose threads. It's worth seeing.

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