Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hump Day = Suck Day

So today was my day off and even though I didn't spend 90% of my time scrubbing my kitchen and forcing my progeny into Cindrella-esque chores it still sucked. Not all of it - there was the obligatory masturbation and well that never sucks unless BOB just runs out of batteries - but the SUCK parts were so SUCKY that they overshadowed the non SUCK parts (yes it is hard to imagine that joy of really good self sex could be diminished by anything, but it does happen). All thanks to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I'm not going to go into detail on how shitty they are, suffice to say that I owe them a hefty $1660 on two tickets that are already paid due to a change in the law a few years ago, oh yes and I can't forget the little extra $100 added in there for an accident back in 2002. And the most fun part of all of this is that I had no idea of ANY of this (the fees, I remembered the tickets and the accident) so I was caught completely off guard when I was told by the nice customer service person after my hour long wait on hold. I have to say I love that person, she didn't even get frazzled when I let lose with a few obsenity laced phrases at each and every thing NEW she told me. Then she gave me another phone number to call to find out how to take care of said fees and how they will kindly let me pay out these shitty fees. I called my sister and gave her the "You ain't gonna' believe this shit" news of the day and bitched for an hour about WTF? But I paid those tickets! Then I called the other number. And held for another hour, after which a very nice man took my call and got to listen to me and my shock and anger fueled swearing as he told me that not only did have to pay fees on the most recent of my tickets (2 years ago) but on a past one as well! Which when added to the $100 for the accident bullshit comes out to $1660 of which I have to pay $210 a month in payments to the Tx. Dept. of Public Safety. It's AWESOME, especially since I had NO clue about ANY of this shit.

I spent a good 4 hours of my day in Shock and Awe by all this. And by Shock and Awe I mean Bitching and Moaning. And then I did the dishes. Take a look at how nice and clean my kitchen is! Oh yeah and my sweetie Sarge isn't feeling well so no seeing him tonight. Damn, can't a sistah' get a break?

Okay that's all, the bitching is over. Tomorrow CAKE will be back.

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