Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Getting Better!

At least I think I am. But I thought that last night and this morning as well. And well, I was wrong. Sooooo wrong.

I went to work, walked as usual. I was feeling a bit weak but not near death like yesterday. Upon arrival I discovered that I did not in fact have to do a wedding cake as the flakey woman who ordered it canceled it just as quickly. But I did have about 15 orders. Okay, no biggie, typical Saturday.

By 10 am I was having horrible stomach cramps and had been to the bathroom to throw up twice. I figured it was time to go home when I couldn't stand to airbrush a cake for more then 3 minutes at time. I felt so bad I left a custom cake for my boss to finish. Gawd I can't believe I did that! That's my art work! Whatever, I had to leave, puking on cakes is unacceptable.

I actually walked home because I just didn't have the patients to wait for K to pick me up. Then I got home and slept until like 3 pm. Whined for K to make me chicken soup and ya know what, it made me feel better. I should have know a nice Jewish girl needs a nice Jewish cure. ;)

Anyway, I'm not so bad. Tomorrow I have off so I'll spend it sleeping and getting well and trying not to panic about losing a day of work. *ACK!* Too late!

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