Sunday, March 09, 2008


Today has been an incredible day of CLEANING! And not just CLEANING, but that really fun thorough SPRING CLEANING! I've bribed the offspring to help and incredibly, it's totally working!

Okay, here are some cakes I did yesterday - which was a REALLY BUSY day! Today is also just not with CAKE, more with cleaning solvent and kitchen stuff. How EXCITING! but when I'm done, the kitchen will SPARKLE - I'll take a photo just to prove it.

Isn't this cute?!?!?!?! Two pairs of boots for twins. The top trim is actually brown, but it looks black because my stupid camera doesn't flash for some reason in the bakery.
I love these cookies! And not just because I love the Mavs.

Okay, back to cleaning before my offspring realize that bribe I've offered isn't worth all the cleaning out of cabinets and scrubbing of baseboards (oh yes I am making them do this!). If they do well, maybe I'll hire them out over their spring break as Little People Cleaning Services! It could work... I mean what the hell else am I going to do with them for Spring Break?

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