Sunday, March 16, 2008

The House of Bio-Hazard

That would be here. As I make my recovery the Tiny Terrorists have be stricken with this viral menace. 4 am this morning I was woken by Super Girl telling me her stomach hurt. I let her crawl into bed with me which did not last long as the had to hop out of bed (at my insistence) to go throw up. Like eleventeenmillion times. I felt so horribly helpless as I told her I could do nothing for her and that it would pass.

At 6 am I went to the kitchen to get Super Girl and myself some flat 7-up and discovered Cabbage Patch laying on the sofa moaning about her stomach hurting. Oh dear, and I had just been thanking my lucky stars that she wasn't sick also.

Now it's nearing noon and both offspring are finally asleep to the sounds of Tom & Jerry. I've spent all morning going from the living room to comfort one to my bedroom to comfort the other.

And here I was wondering what they'd be doing for Spring Break - Puking! Woohoo!

Moving on...

Prior to everyone with a set of ovaries in this house being struck down with the plague, I had a lovely and quite delightful time with Super Girl last night. She found an old story book that I used to read to her when she was a wee baby. It's actually a VERY old book and has several stories in it. The first one being one of my favorites as I completely identify with the main character The Little Red Hen. Yes I am that hen. (I was totally going to link to the story but none that I've googled are THE story that's in my book, which I have to say I like much better than these random ones that have just popped up.) Here is the plot summary as given by Wikipedia:

In the tale, the little red hen finds a grain of wheat, and asks for help from the other farmyard animals to plant it. No animal is willing to help. When the wheat matures, she asks for help to harvest it, then thresh it, then mill it, and finally bake the flour into bread. At each stage she gets no volunteers. Finally she asks who will help her eat the bread. All the previous non-participants eagerly volunteer, but she declines their help and eats it with her chicks, leaving none for others.

That's not exactly how my version is, Red lives with a lazy cat, a lazy rat and a lazy mouse. One day she decides to make a cake and asks for help with things (as usual) and no one will help her (as usual) until of course it's all baked and iced and ready to eat then everyone is more than willing to help. Red gets a little cranky and tells them to fuck them selves that she'll eat the damn cake by herself. Right then a fox sticks his head in the kitchen window and scares everyone into hiding except Red who tries to fend off the damn fox by herself but instead gets stuffed into a sack for the fox to take home and feed to his kits. (What a family friendly story!) Red out wits the fox and escapes. Back at home the cowardly lot of them comes out when they realize Red is back and they make a bunch of false promises about helping and all that. Red forgives them and they all share the cake. The END.

Trying to make a point (albeit rather heavy handedly) I said to Super Girl "I am the Little Red Hen, K is the Cat, you are the Rat and sister is the Mouse." Before I could say more she quips "But who is the Fox?" Hmmm... talk about missing a point.

And now for something really odd...

Further in the book is this bizarre story "The Old Woman And Her Pig". Go read that for something really fucked up. At one point I stopped reading to Super Girl and said "This is so strange." I can't imagine any children's story being published today that talked about beating a dog with a stick... or hanging a butcher with a rope! This book was published back in 1950, back when it was quaint to tell children stories that involve torture and threats of bodily harm. This book is definitely a keeper, I'll have to keep this tucked away so I can psychologically damage my grandchildren someday. That is only if they haven't come out with a nice pop-up story book of Abu Ghraib prison by then.

Off to nap with the sick children. Have a great day.

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