Monday, March 17, 2008

The Plague Has Left The Building!

It appears that everyone in Casa de Karmically Challenged has recovered from the plague. I did what I could to bring you all the high points of the illness via the internet. Think of me as your Virtual Plague Rat. ;) I kid, I kid. I'm sure at least one of the three of you who actually read this crap wondered why the hell I'd blog whilst suffering such illness and I have an answer for you. I am insane. Completely and utterly. No really, that's not it. No REALLY it's NOT. Sheesh. No the real reason is NaBloPoMo. No that's not an illness - dude really, stop trying to blame it on my shaky mental stability - it's... eh... click the damn link and go read about it. The short version - I'm posting EVERY DAY for the month of MARCH. Woohoo! Isn't that EXCITING! EVERY DAY a little piece of ME! It's like having me as one of those voices in your head. What? You don't have voices in your head? Yeah... me either... moving on.

So like I was saying - recovery is complete here. No one has puked in over 24 hours. This is a good thing. Though I can see how this is a useful diet aid for the super models (5 lbs in 2 days), it's rather inconvenient and somewhat uncomfortable. I'll stick with my current method, which thanks for asking, is working rather well for me and I've lost 26 lbs (I'm not counting the 5 lost from the plague, I know they'll reappear like magic as soon as I finish this glass of water) since July. Of course now that I've just mentioned this to you internet, it'll mean that I'll gain 30 lbs in the next 2 weeks.

So the Tiny Terrorists are well, though Cabbage Patch is still rather DRAMATIC. As she has taken a liking to lying in my bed and watching television like some Southern Belle. In order to have a legitimate claim to the position she claims to have a 'headache' which mysteriously vanished when she went to play outside today and reappeared when I asked for help in the kitchen tonight. It's bullshit, but ya know, it's kind of cute bullshit AND since the girls are in different rooms, they aren't arguing! And THAT my friends makes her Southern Belle act worth tolerating. Let's just hope she doesn't start fake fainting. ;)

So yeah, jumping to something completely different now... Scarby starts soon and I'm not sure I have anything to wear now that I've lost 26 lbs. I guess it really shouldn't matter since now that I'll be working on paying that $1660 to Satan and his minions... er.. TX Dept. of Public Service, I'm not going to be able to make it to Scarby more than maybe twice. Still, I want to go in garb and damn I'm not sure if my favorite red corset fits anymore - when I made it a few years ago it laced all the way closed and I was 10 lbs heavier than I am now. My pretty gold side lacing corset, well my darling offspring spilt white paint on it so.... it's ruined and that kind of pisses me off, leaving me just my green and black corset. The real problem is that I can't find ANY of my corsets. None AT ALL. I can't remember where I put them. I didn't wear any except the red one last year (to TRF) one time and for the life of me I can't remember where the others are. I know, I know, this is stupid because I sew and can just make another one... except... the boning, I have none and it costs $$ which for some reason I've now become a money sieve and my wallet hemorrages money every time I get paid. Bah, whatever... moving on.

That HORROR of the season has started. The dreaded SPRING BREAK has started. And you know what that means... The Tiny Terrorists will be BORED and I'll really consider selling them on e-Bay. No not really, I wouldn't risk the negative feedback. How I HATE Spring Break and trying to find SOMETHING to occupy the offspring. A whole week of ENTERTAINING them. WTF? Who came up with this shitty idea? Someone with OUT kids that's who! My only bright spot is Wednesday, my day off, when I plan to take the progeny to the movies. I'm going to see of my sweetie Sarge will let his guys join us for the movie, lunch, then some feeding of ducks at the park.

And now CAKE! I know you internet, you just come for the CAKE. That's why I put it at the END.

Chocolate buttercream icing. mmmmmm... Not the usual and the pastel flowers look odd against it, but I'm sure it was TASTY.

Oh yeah, Happy St. Pat's Day also.

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