Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Make It STOP!

I mean the puking. I THOUGHT we had kicked the plague, but apparently I didn't realize Cousin Ebola was going to make a visit. 7:30 am Cabbage Patch came into my room to tell me her stomach hurt and promptly went Exorcist all in my bathroom. *sigh* She's been fine all day, but still she had to play the Southern Belle for part of the day.

Nothing else has happened today. Which is a shame because I erroneous thought I'd be able to catch up on some much needed things. HAH! Not so. Today the offspring were hell bent on NOT doing anything I asked them to do. Even when threatened. I resigned myself to only THINK about selling them on E-Bay and to watch crappy cartoons all day.

Tomorrow I'll be more interesting. I promise.

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