Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Days I Really Hate Customers

I fucked up a couple of cakes today. My mind was elsewhere. I made one cake with the wrong icing. The woman didn't notice when she picked up the cake even though the icing was WHITE whipped icing and not CHOCOLATE buttercream. She called from home to complain.

Then, a woman came in to pick up a cake she ordered.

This is the cake she pointed at and said she wanted it like, but she wanted writing on it.

I showed her this cake and said I liked the scrolls better than the dots. She agreed and said to put a bow on it not roses and use dark and light blue.

This is what I made. She forgot we discussed scrolls instead of dots but was fine with the scrolls. But the part that made me want to slap her was that she kept saying she thought it would be BIGGER. Mind you the cake she pointed at is the EXACT same size as what she got (which is an 1/8 of a sheet doubled - one layer chocolate and one white). She said that since she ordered it half and half she thought it wouldn't be stacked. Because somehow I was telepathically supposed to know that even though she pointed at a stacked cake she meant a single layer cake.

Tomorrow I make Dawn's baby shower cake - theme pirates, colors red and blue. Wait and see.

*Geeky Game Talk Alert* Last night was the Magic rematch with my sweetie Sarge. My incredible dumb luck with games shone through. Sarge asked me if I wanted to make my own deck and I said yes if it didn't take too long. He gave me a few guidelines and helped me find the color of cards and I randomly chose from that pile. Then I proceeded to defeat him twice. Granted they were not humbling defeats like I suffered during our first round but victories for me still. Now that I've told this story and have the urge to hone my deck more (ie take out the cards I can't play that I accidentally put in) I've probably just doomed my deck to continual suckage. Ah well, I will savor this victory for another hour or so.

And now... I'm done.

To all of my Catholic and Catholic-ish friends, I wish you a happy Good Friday.

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