Sunday, April 20, 2008

Insert Witty Title Here

Because I'm just drawing a blank. So, the Seder went off well. This year it was all quite simplified due to my ignorance of not asking for Saturday off so I could prepare for the Seder. Of course I had an extraordinarily busy Saturday with a filled, stacked wedding cake and a fancy wedding shower cake with cupcakes. About 4 pm I was starting to drag and had to run out on the floor to buy myself some coffee that didn't help a bit!

I got home a bit after 6 pm and we got snapping on getting the Seder started. The offspring were mightily disappointed that there was no Puppet Theater Seder this year and I must admit that I too was deeply saddened by this fact. I have no idea where my poor puppet has gone or who has abducted him. I made up for the lack of puppet by reading part of the Haggadah in Captain Kirk style.

We had a simple dinner of buffalo chicken for the meal and then I made my only miscalculation in this whole deal. I hid the afikomen in my room on top of my dresser. The Tiny Terrorist headed off to my room to search and came out for hints about 10 minutes in. They finally found it and we wrapped up the Seder. After they were in bed K looked into my room and started laughing. I looked in and saw my closet door open, dresser drawers open, night stand drawers open, my bed in complete disarray, stuff EVERYWHERE. It looked as though my room was ransacked. Ah well I suppose I too would ransack someone's bedroom if I was promised first pick of the giant chocolate bars.

Here's what our Seder Plate looked like. Much like last year... and the year before... and the year before... and... you get the idea.

Today I made the coconut macaroons for the offspring. I used a whole new recipe and completely messed up the batter on the last step. I didn't gently mix in the coconut into the whipped egg whites and completely deflated the egg whites. Luckily everything tasted delightful when cooked - flat macaroons are still yummy. So yeah, I'm actually thankful I didn't make a big meal, though I do miss making the big meal, I love to cook holiday meals - but, there are NO leftovers and THAT is a good thing as I really need to start watching what I'm eating again. And now that Passover is done, my obligation to eat Matzah is fulfilled and I can go back to not eating bread.

Okay, okay, I know, enough Jewish stuff - you just want CAKE!

Something for the case.
I don't actually like how it turned out.
I have no idea why, just following the customer request.
The wedding cake from this week. I really don't like it. Not that it matters what I like, I just decorate them.
The groom picked it up and loved it, he said the bride would love it also.

Speaking of wedding cakes, I'm kind of curious as to why the trend of late is to have people order their cakes with just a week or less before the wedding? I had 2 days notice on this cake. Honestly are there that many people out there just suddenly deciding to get married on the spur of the moment? Eh who knows.

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