Monday, July 14, 2008

Late Holiday Recap

On the 4th I joined K and the progeny at Blue Eye’s house. Blue Eyes being K’s fiancé. His partner. An absolutely wonderful and charming man. The evening was animated and intimate, just a few friends, Blue Eyes’ Aunt and his brother, me, K and the progeny. I enjoyed myself despite my not having wanted to partake in the festivities (I wanted to stay home, strip down to my undies and geek out with some online gaming).

The food was wonderful (I luvs me some grilled meat), the company was delightful (Blue Eyes 88 year old aunt was sooooooo darling! I wanted to stuff her in my back pack and bring her home with me) and it left me with a warm feeling of love inside.
See, Blue Eyes and I were in the kitchen while I was making the garlic cheese spread, chatting about K moving in and how I was always welcome in their house. We brought up the kids and I asked him if he liked the Father’s Day cards the girls made him, he said he did then he said “My step kids” with a smile. I nearly burst into tears at that moment. I was so touched by how happy that made him. So my progeny are lucky, they have two dads who love them. Maybe some day they’ll have another one.
It was a good day.

Other news… I have a freaking UTI. SUCK!

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