Thursday, July 17, 2008


I spent the afternoon today in the company of two of my favorite young men in the world. I offered to take them to lunch since myself and the Tiny Terrorists would be in their neck of the woods today around lunch time. Well that and the fact that the Tiny Terrorists were completely entranced by them last night at Cabbage Patch's birthday. Though I had no intentions of just lunch. Oh no, I had something in mind.

I picked them up right around noon and we went for Chinese Buffet. Mmmmmmm. All of the offspring, mine and the ones I borrowed, loved this and there was much chatter and laughter. From there we went on a brief shopping excursion. And then back in the car to head of to... well I had no clue, I just knew that I wasn't ready for the day to end. My plan was to keep the borrowed boys until 3:30 or 4 pm to give there ever so busy daddy time to work uninterrupted so he would have time to see Hellboy II with me tonight.

So we circled the parking lot and I informed them I wasn't ready to take them home and I headed north on the highway. This is where it got really funny. Not knowing exactly where we were going, the GPS was turned on for a consultation. The eldest of the borrowed boys, Red, began pushing things and changing the voice and stuff. We finally stopped when we were almost to my neighborhood and I looked for the cool park.

The park, totally hilarious. I pushed aside my own motherly objections and said yes when the offspring (all of them) asked if they could get wet in the sprayer things on the splash pad at the park. Red was the only who didn't go into the water. My progeny thoroughly enjoyed the notion of getting soaked in their regular clothes. Of course right after that they were all ready to leave. Tee hee. Not so much, I told them they had to wait until they were at least partially dry so as to not soak the seats in my car. Oh dear, they would have to actually PLAY for a while.

Here's a photo of them playing some strange balance game or maybe it was some kind of torture... a land version of walking the plank? who knows.

It was at this time that a woman who was on the next bench expressed her sympathy to me about having 4 children. I really wanted to lie and tell her that they really weren't that bad, I'd always wanted 4 after all. I smiled and admitted that only two were mine, the others were loaner kids. Made me sad for just a moment that they weren't mine, I always wanted 4 kids and boys at that. Yes I know, sounds crazy and most days I'd agree, but I'm a little crazy anyway. Not that I'll be having anymore kids. No matter I'll just borrow these guys when I can. (Though if their parents ever get the urge to sell them on EBay, please contact me first, I'd like to make an offer prior listing.)

Eventually everyone was dry enough to get back in the car. It was time for ICE CREAM! This of course required a stop at Braums before dropping them off at their casa.

Some of my favorite lines from the day:

Said by Red or Blondie: When are we going home?
Me: When your dad pays the ransom.

Me: Ohhhhhhhh! Please don't do that! Your father AND your mother will kill me if I return you with anything broken.
Him: *Laughter at my distress*

Blondie: So what if you get back to where you were supposed to turn and then turn the wrong direction again?
Me: Then it will be a typical day of driving with me.

*Sigh* I really did hate to have it all end.



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