Friday, August 08, 2008

The Day Of Bryan

Today was the Day of Bryan.

Purple, yellow and white.
Not sure the significants.
Then Bryan showed up to get CAKE.

I had the urge to go home and watch Life Of Brian.
This is my NEW favorite wedding cake.
All three tiers go on separate plates of different heights.
I'd show you how THAT would look, but my vendor fucked up and didn't send me the bottoms of the cake stands. They are being over nighted, guaranteed delivery of noon. I had to call my customer and get her to change her pick up to 1:30 pm instead of 10 am.

Tomorrow I have to finish the grooms cake for this order, then do the decor on the three tiered stacked cake that will be a replica of my display cake. I've already done that grooms cake.

Okay, off to bed now. 5 am is awfully early!

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