Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why Other Bakeries Suck

I'd like to thank a local bakery just south of the one I work at for being a complete douchebag to one of my customers. My customer came to me last minute wanting to know if I could do a cake for them, I said if it was simple, yes. I told her any of the kits in the book are simple and then she asked me of she could have the cake half chocolate and half white, I said sure, we do that all the time. Then she told me that this other bakery told hey they couldn't do a half white and half chocolate cake for her. I corrected her, they WOULDN'T. Doing a cake half and half is easy, they just wanted to be jerks. I told her to come back in 45 minutes and I'd have her cake done - it only took 15 but I had some orders to take. She was happy.

Yesterday was a health inspection by the city. I had a list of things that we were in violation with. Our buckets (can't reuse the ones we've been reusing), the refridgerators (clean the insides better, replace the lights and put covers on the lights) and our vents (clean them). Today was inventory (yuck!). Then CAKES!

This was actually a cake I did on Sunday and just forgot to post. It was one where I matched the napkin. And, well it matches the napkin. Happy customer.

I haven't done a big puppy in a LONG time. This one is white cake with chocolate whipped icing. mmmmmmmm... Though every time I have to do a cake like this I end up with icing all over and today was no different, except it was all chocolate instead of the vanilla so I really looked a mess.

I totally love this! I added the extra 6 cupcakes around the bottom at the customer's request.

Okay, off to bed now.

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