Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Own Personal Jesus

If you take a GOOD look at my cookie bruise you will see the image of Jesus in it. And by good I mean squint a little and be guided by 'faith' or what not. And before you tell me that I'm a nutter, I want you to take a look at these other 'MIRACULOUS' images of Jesus.

The Shroud of Turin. Which I just would like to add has been debunked though still has a strong following of believers.

Shower Jesus. A huge nasty water spot in a shower that inspired the owners of the house... to sell it for $2000 on eBay!

Tree Jesus. Somewhere in a park in NY. I'm not sure it actually looks like Jesus, I think it kind of looks like Yanni. Though back in the day Yanni was kind of rocking the JC look.

See? Savior/New Age Jazz Composer. A guy has to make some money some how.

And my personal favorite:

Cat Fur Jesus. Why is this my favorite? Because you have to do a lot of squinting or drinking to actually SEE an image of Jesus on this cat! Kind of like my bruise.

See? Jesus! Squint a little, you'll see it. Either that or a grey.

Anal probe anyone?

My coworker enjoyed the Jesus Bruise. This was our conversation:

Me: See my Jesus Bruise.
Her: hahahaha
Me: Squint a little, it's there.
Her: That's crazy.
Me: No crazier than seeing images of Jesus on things.
Her: *trying to ignore me*
Me: The latest one is in the fur of a cat.
Her: A cat?!?
Me: Seriously.
Her: That's crazy.
Me: Yup. We Jews don't do that stuff. We don't run around seeing images of Moses in things.
Her: No kidding. Who knows what Moses looks like anyway.
Me: Charlton Heston of course!

Moving on...

I seem to have been smited... smitten... smoted... er... punished for my Jesus Bruise antics. I have some irritating chest cough thing. It started as a bit of drainage and a tickle in my through now it's a lovely cough. I don't FEEL horrible so it might just be allergy sinus drainage cough thing. I did however make myself some preventative medicine tonight in the form of Jewish Penecillian, i.e. chicken soup with matzoh balls. mmmm... Should be right as rain soon.

NaBloPoMo theme for this month is HOT. Hot... hmmm... I live in Texas in August. I could totally punk out on posting every day and just post the weather because it's HOT right now. The high for today was 103 and tomorrow is supposed to be 104 with chances of thunder storms. Yay, hot and humid.

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