Sunday, February 29, 2004

Arch Nemesis No Longer

I'm sure everyone has been waiting expectantly to hear about how the Brunch Of Doom (dramatic background music) went. Actually it went quite well. I got directions from her and headed out. That day was a rainy day, I drove K to work, we got caught behind a wreck for 20 minutes - making him 20 minutes late (he has the most anal boss), then after waiting for the 20 minutes the fire truck and police cars were already pulled away so we didn't even get to ogle any hot wet fire/police men. DAMN! Anyway, I was now running late so I ended up leaving at 9:30 am instead of at 9 am (I had said I would be there between 9:30 am and 10 am for brunch). So I put the little people in cute clothing... wait scratch that, I put Cabbage Patch in a cute outfit, Super Girl fought me to dress herself and ended up wearing some black velvet pants that were to small for her and a maroon shirt with another shirt over it. After 10 minutes of compelling (read: threatening) her to remove the over shirt she finally did and we left. So here I am with directions in hand and a quarter tank of gas. I figure I'll get gas on the way home since I only have 30 minutes to get there. I take the first turn, it says go to the end of the road until it dead ends then turn. So I drive, and I drive, and I drive, and I drive, and... you get the idea here right? It finally dead ends after 30 minutes of driving and guess what? It's not the right road! I turned the WRONG way onto the first road! Doh! That is sooooo like me! I always get turned around if the directions are not very explicit about exactly where to turn, etc. So I drive back... back... back... to a gas station. By now I'm 30 minutes late and my tank is very near empty. I call, explain that I'm a moron and turned the wrong way, she apologizes for giving bad directions and I explain that it's not her fault, I just get lost all the fucking time. She says she will make lunch instead of brunch and we say good bye. I head off - In the right direction this time - and we are there in 30 minutes.

The little people scamper off to play with her kids and we chat. While we are chatting Super Girl comes out of her daughters room in just her panties and some dress up clothes... Super Girl explains that they are playing dress up. I tell her to GET HER CLOTHES BACK ON! and she goes back to the room. A few minutes later Cabbage Patch comes out wearing nothing but dress up shoes! YIKES! Naked baby! I usher her back to the room and redress her and her sister. Sheesh! I was mortified.

She makes a delightful soup for us to have for lunch and PB&J sandwiches for the little people. I stay until about 1:30 pm just talking. A delightful time was had by all. I managed to get lost on the way home as well - hey I think someone changed the signs on me! I did manage to find a major road that I was familiar with and get home though. In conclusion, I can no longer refer to her as my Arch Nemesis, I supposed I could refer to her as my Former Arch Nemesis? Maybe?

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