Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Skool Daze

I was thinking back to my early school years today thanks to a discussion with D. I was remembering how incredibly excited I was to start kindergarten and how on the first day my mom was there with me and how they asked me if I wanted to stay that day. I remember saying yes and then my mother left as they led me through the school, when the short tour was done I expected my mother to be there waiting for me, waiting to take me back home, but she wasn't. I was not happy, though I didn't start crying right then, I just could not believe my mother would LEAVE me at school with all those strangers! How could she do that to me??? She returned at the end of my day and I was just a little more world wise (as much as a 5 year old can be that is) and a little more skeptical of her. It all came back to me today that I disliked my kindergarten, it was a place of torment for me. It was a fancy, 'forward thinking' montessori school and I hated it. I recall having a mean boy pour the water color water on me for no reason, once my lovely painting that I had worked very hard on was swiped and many times the bigger children (read:all the other kids) would tease me or throw blocks at me. I took things very seriously - too seriously in fact. I cried a lot in kindergarten. I was such a big baby. Kindergarten SUCKED!!! Now as I consider that Super Girl starts kindergarten this year and the time looms closer and closer each day, I am filled with dread (and flash backs to a brightly colored geometric shaped hell filled with demons and torturers disguised as small children singing the alphabet song and throwing blocks at me). Eh, I got over it, I liked first grade so I guess all hope is not lost.

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