Monday, March 01, 2004

I’m All For Happy Weddings!

Gay marriage, why is this such an issue? Why should gays be able to get married? I have yet to hear a reasonable argument against gay marriage. I’ve heard people say how it will destroy family values – yeah right, like all the unmarried people having babies isn’t undermining ‘traditional’ family values already (not that I’m against unmarried breeders, I’m just using it as an example), or the argument of what if they get a divorce – well so, don’t gay’s deserve to be able to go through a messy divorce just like straight couples? I mean why should they get to keep all their assets in a nasty break up? What about alimony? What about being saddled with your ex-spouse’s debts and bad financial records? Equal treatment of gays! If they share a bed they should have to share financial disaster!

But seriously, I would LOVE for gay marriage to be legal. Just think about it, gay weddings could single handedly pull this economy out of the shitter. No really, think about it! All the FABULOUS weddings! All of the glamorous affairs – all of the formal wear and catered dinners! All of the incredible floral arrangements and ice sculptures! Hell just the income alone on the catering could feed a third world country for a few years! The invitations would be flying; the postal service would have to hire double its current staff just to handle all of that! Wedding photographers would be booked for months in advance; the prime locations for receptions would be booked for a year or more ahead! And honeymoon vacation spots would be hard pressed to make enough room for guests! Think of the money circulating! Think of the tourism! Think of the parties! Gosh I would spend my weekends looking for gay weddings to crash just to see the opulent and flashy affairs. My closet would be bursting with formal dresses and matching shoes. I’d spend hours shopping for unique trinkets for perfect wedding gifts for the loving couple. Wow… what a brighter, more interesting and much more beautiful – and fashionable world it would be.

Support The Economy! Support Gay Marriage! (For my own selfish reasons, I’d get the privilege of planning a gay wedding and being the matron of honor when K found the man of his dreams.)

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