Monday, March 01, 2004

Stooopid Men

So this guy that I went out with briefly and decided that we were just not compatible - i.e. he was an amazing prick and I am way to good for him and that the thought of spending time with him while he talks at me (not to me) made me want to shoot him. Anyway, on the advice of D, A and K, I sent an e-mail (A said he didn't deserve to get anything more than just an e-mail) and I canceled a scheduled date (at least 24 hours in advance) and gently told him that I didn't want to see him anymore - we were just not clicking. He sent back an e-mail making it glaringly obvious that he's just a stupid prick and didn't take rejection well - even when it's worded nicely - and most importantly he just didn't GET what I was trying to tell him (no common interests and that I just didn't like his lack of personality). I just ignored it. That was a couple of weeks ago. Tonight he sends me an instant message echoing his last e-mail. Sheesh.. He could see I was on, so I answered him, he wanted to know why I didn't want to see him anymore. Shit, you gotta be kidding? He's wanting me to spell it out for him? WTF? He can't just take a polite 'not interested' and run with it, he WANTS me to kill his ego? Damn. I was nice though. I tell him I started seeing someone - not a lie. He starts saying how he thought that's what I wanted with him. Um... nooooooo.... We had 2 dates!!! Damn! That's not enough to start picking out china patterns from. He gets pissy from then on and tries to get me into an argument (another reason I cringed at the thought of spending time with him, when he wasn't droning on about HIMSELF he was argumentative). I didn't bite for the argument. Here is an edited excerpt from this part of the conversation: (yes I did change his screen name to reflect his true personality)

ImTheAsshole: ... Just delete me from your messanger as I will you and loose my number. I'm sorry to have known you.
judypooh: OK, whatever. I'm not going to argue with you. Think what you want if it makes you feel better.
ImTheAsshole: I deleted you please do the same. I do not want to waste my time.
ImTheAsshole: Good luck with XXXX.
judypooh: you were deleted a long time ago! Get a life.
ImTheAsshole: I have one, and not with a whore like you.
judypooh: yeah yeah, sour grapes. Your just pissed because you can't have me. Makes me even that much happier that I kicked you to the curb. Your blocked from here on out.

OK, for any guy out there who may not have realized it - calling a woman a whore when you really just want her back is NOT going to do it.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing because I'm a bitch and thought my adoring fans (all 2 of you) would be amused as much as I am. Bitch not whore.

Ahhh if only that WAS the end of the STOOOPID man file, but it's not (refer to the title of this post - men not man). It must be the weekend for men who can't take rejection - i.e. men who need a clue! And on to our next contestant...

Doc J and I were supposed to go out the first weekend of February, that's the last time I spoke to him. No biggie. I was getting tired of him, seriously tired of him. He was getting possessive. He got amazingly jealous the night I went to meet XXXX with my sister!! And DocJ and I had not even been out yet! As if! Anyway, we were supposed to go out but he never called or returned my phone calls, so I just chalked it up to good karma getting him out of my life. He calls Friday night, I tell him I'm seeing XXXX now. OMG he gets all pissed, tells me he hasn't seen anyone and has been out of town this whole time, wants to know why I haven't called, yadda, yadda, yadda, I stopped listening - all I was hearing was white noise from then on... This guy can't be wrong - ever (much like Mr. Asshole above), so he's telling me he never got my messages (not that I really care). Whatever. He started trying to put me on the spot as to whether I would stop seeing XXXX (NOT happening) so I could date him (again, NOT happening), I didn't feel like arguing (or listening to him anymore) so I just told him that when he was back in town (he's out of town for the next few weeks) and when he has time, to call me and if I was free I'd see him (read: Not going to be free for him).

What is the deal? I can't believe that I'm so 'unforgettable' that men just can't let go of it about me - if that was true then Roller Coaster man wouldn't be such a thorn in my side. I'm not the only woman in the Metroplex, these men must just be incredibly dense. Aren't I lucky to have had them find me? What are these men thinking? And why? Did either of them REALLY think that acting possessive and jealous would do the trick? I mean I like an attentive man, but there is line between attentive guy and possessive jerk. These two just took the wrong path when it came to wooing me - they choose the psycho path (yeah I know, stupid joke, made me laugh though).

And people wonder why I date married men... This is why. If this is an example of available SINGLE men who are interested in me, well that's not very encouraging. Where are the SANE SINGLE men??? Eh, no worries. I'm seeing XXXX (I really need to get a better code name for him... Although XXXX seems kind of spy-ish and cool) and I'm really happy seeing him for right now (yes he is married), I like him a LOT. If the right man comes along, then we'll see what happens, but right now I'm not looking - two strikes are enough for me (three if you count Roller Coaster man, but he's not a psycho, just inattentive and disinterested).

Update: K just got home, he thought I should have sent Mr. Asshole an e-mail telling him that what an ass he is and that my fish have more personality than him and one of them is DEAD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! (one is dead - more on that later)

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