Thursday, February 19, 2004

Candle Light Vigil To Be Held

The fish in the aquarium have organized a candle light vigil for the missing fish, Ran. They want me to invite all of you to light a candle for Ran tonight at 6 pm central time.

The investigation into her disappearance continues although there are very few leads. All of the fish in the tank have been questioned - all they can remember is that it was dark and then when it was light she was gone. Not much help. I've questioned two suspects that occasionally loiter near the tank but they are tight lipped about saying anything and continue to proclaim their innocents. Cats are like that though. As we go into the 4th day of Ran's disappearance there is little hope of finding her alive (actually no hope what so ever - that whole not being able to breath air sucks for her). It may take much therapy to for the fish to accept that she is gone. Right now the mood in the tank is dark yet hopeful. The tank wide searches continue even now.

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