Monday, February 16, 2004

Dirty desperado Brought To Justice!
Daring Rescue of Dairy!

I received numerous (2) helpful e-mail offering support in the finding of Dairy, my beloved cow. One read Check the local dump yards (trash cans or laundry baskets). and the other read Der shurifff,
I jes bet chew all kud fin them katle if you offered a big reeeeward....Like ice cream...cookies......
Hope yu kech them thar desparedos..
Waiting with baited {coffee} bref
heh, who says old people have no sense of humor?

Anyway, I did in fact check the local dump yards to no avail. Several sessions of questioning were completely unsuccessful in determining the whereabouts of Dairy. Negotiations broke down shortly after lunch time and the suspects were taken to holding cells (well it was nap time, they were taken to their beds). I made a desperate and daring search and rescue mission into 'No Man's Land' (the little people's room) and discovered Dairy, scared but otherwise unharmed.

Dairy is now safely back with her herd. The Cattle Rustlers continue to maintain their innocents despite the overwhelming evidence against them.

Dairy, safe at last.

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