Thursday, February 19, 2004

Three Kids And An Easy Bake Oven

This is what my morning is consisting of. Totally fun!

Yesterday I broke out the Easy Bake Oven for Super Girl. I looked up recipes on the internet and we made a quesadilla for my sister and two tiny chocolate cakes. Much to my surprise the cakes tasted rather good.

Last night Hubby's brother called asking if I would mind watching their son for the morning. I never mind that a bit. He's a doll and the little people LOVE him so much.

So the agenda was to let them play for a while and when they got really restless to break out the Easy Bake recipes. Total success. We just finished with our Easy Bake snacks (melted cheese and beef sandwiches cut to fit Easy Bake pans) and we are currently waiting for the cakes to finish baking so they can frost them. The little people plus one just headed up the stairs to play during the down time. They'll be back when it's time to frost the cakes.

Damn I love that Easy Bake Oven.

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