Monday, February 16, 2004

Ghost Fish

It seems to be the time of the year for me to have issues with my beloved pets (even stuffed ones like Dairy). Today I realized that my white goldfish is missing! Fucking vanished! I'm not sure when it happened but I think it coinsided with the other night that I got up at 3 am to the little people messing with my aquarium - all of the plastic plants were up rooted, the cave was over turned and Super Girl had a cup on the aquarium. Since it was so early in the morning, I didn't check the tank, just scolded children and sent them back to bed. Yesterday I didn't even think to check and today I was doing my usual fish count when I realized that Ran (the white fish) was gone. I don't know where she could be. She left no note, hasn't called and cussed me out for being a bad owner, hell we hadn't even argued! Why would she leave??? Seriously.. I'm baffled as to where she is. I would expect to be smelling dead fish if it were on the floor (or worse in my couch!). I'm hoping that if she did end up being flung from the aquarium by a little person that she was gobbled up by my cat - purely because I just don't want to find rotting dead fish on my carpet. ewww...

Damn... I need a new fish! And of course it couldn't be one of my $.28 common goldfish, it had to be my $5 white oranda! Damn!

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