Monday, March 22, 2004

Gourmet Flavor
Fun Shapes! Tasty Flavors!

That's what this box of cat food says. I'd like to know how they determined this. Who actually is the gourmet who decided on the flavor of this cat food? I want to see the panel of cats who decided what shapes are 'fun' and that this food is 'tasty'? How the hell does one determine this information. I mean I KNOW when my cats like the food I pour in their bowl as they tend to eat it right away and refrain from trying to bury it. But the fun shapes? WTF? I've never had my cats refuse a food because it was a 'un-fun' shape. Not that it would have mattered, if the cats don't eat what I pour in their bowl they just don't eat. I don't buy fancy and expensive food for my cats. Why? They lick their ass on a regular basis, what would they know of 'gourmet flavor'??? What exactly is that for a cat? Ass flavor? Mouse flavor? Wounded sparrow flavor? Moth flavor? Crawling bug flavor? Dental floss and paper flavor? I never see this at the store and these flavors seem to me what would appeal to a cat (G*d knows my cats would get a job and buy their own cat food if they had Ass, Mouse, Moth and Dental Floss & paper flavor). So who is tasting this stuff to make sure it tastes like chicken, salmon, turkey & liver? And who is all this gourmet flavor crap for? It's not for the cats - little ass lickers. Is it for all the old homeless people eating cat food? If so, I think they need to do some formula changing, make it smell less like CAT FOOD and more like FOOD. And the 'Fun Shapes' should be something other than little fish, chicken legs x's and triangles - maybe little wine bottles or something. Yeah I know very insensitive of me, so what? I'm just wondering about this.

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