Saturday, March 27, 2004

Just Made The Psycho List

What a busy day. I'll write more tomorrow about it. I got back from my cousin's wedding about 10 pm. I had two messages on my voice mail. One from a friend and one from a guy who obviously knew me but I wasn't sure who it was. I called my friend and chatted for almost an hour.

So I call back the guy who left a message. I called right after I hung up with my friend. I thought the number looked familiar and it MIGHT be that idiot who called me a whore. I quickly look to see if I did happen to keep his number, and no I did not. So I dial. It rings, rings, rings, rings... And he answers. I'm shocked. I just hang the fuck up. I pick up the batteries that I dropped when he answered (out of my camera you pervert! Stop thinking it was out of my sex toys!). Then the phone rings (*cue creepy music*). I think "should I just let it roll to voice mail? Should I ignore it? Why the fuck did I just hang up? Am I a moron? Oh fuck, I'm just going to answer so he doesn't think I'm being a pussy." Here is the conversation (as close to verbatim as I can remember).

Me: Hello?
Him: Hey, I didn't know if you wanted to talk to me.
Me: I'm just a little shocked that you called.
Him: I just hadn't heard from you in a while and wanted to see how things were going.
Me: I'm just a little shocked that you called. (*this is the theme of this conversation... Me repeating myself*)
Him: We didn't end it on a good note.
Me: No... I didn't appreciate being called a whore.
Him: We both said some things.
Me: ... I don't remember saying anything like that. I told you I didn't think things would work out.
Him: Well do you NOT want me to call you?
Me (thinking - Well duh, you big fucking moron, why would I want to talk to you?)
Me: I didn't appreciate being called a whore.
Him: Well okay.

What the fuck? Why on earth would a man think that after ending a conversation with the words '...Not with a whore like you!' it would be cool to call a girl again? Especially calling to hook up or whatever? He has now been upgraded to a PSYCHO!!! If there was EVER any wonder as to WHY I date married men, THIS guy is THE answer!

When did I become so freaking unforgettable?

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