Monday, March 22, 2004

Planning For Passover

Passover starts in two weeks. We have invited a bunch of friends and some family (D). I just now realized I need to spend time selecting a menu. This is my favorite holiday to cook for. I love setting up a Seder plate. I love all the ritual around everything. I love the sentiment. I love the Exodus story.

Most of our friends are non-Jews (well all of them are) so I'll be procuring or making a Yarmulke's for the men. Since Super Girl is 5 now I am also going to try to make things that will be fun and entertaining for the little ones. In years past the entertaining part has been what exactly happens with the Afikomen one the little people find it. Generally it has involved large quantities of grape juice being spilled on my white table cloth causing the Afikomen to become a mushy mess - this is the signal to us that the little people are now ready for desert and bed. I'm going to do some things to lighten the mood for the adults as well - I doubt any of our friends have been to a Seder so might as well keep it light. Well I'm off to look up some recipes!

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