Monday, January 30, 2006

Today’s Post Is Brought To You By The Letter F

F for FRUSTRATING. This weekend was rather frustrating and sadly part of it was my own doing.

First Saturday after a discussion with K about how it would be easier if I dropped him and the wee ones off at the train station early, I decided that I’d come home between hospitals and shuttle them to the train station. I did, and though it was all nice and happy in theory, it was not quite so in real life. Though I got up on time, I forgot that I promised the Little People that we’d make breakfast. Warming up store bought croissants and making scrambled eggs and bacon (turkey bacon) shouldn’t take long, right? Wrong. For some reason it took 35 minutes! Fine, fine, whatever, I got to work at 9 am – an hour later than I had planned! I picked up K and company about 10:30 am and when all was said and done I got to my busy hospital at 11:30 am. Damn! Now I was running an hour and a half late. Somehow I got everything done and was out of there by 4 pm. Unfortunately sales weren’t FABULOUS so whatever. When I got home I had to run errands and realized that SADLY I would not be able to enjoy my favorite weekend activity – NAPPING. Damn it! I had a nice quiet, empty house and I couldn’t enjoy a nice uninterrupted nap! Damn the luck! Instead I had to get ready to go to a party I was invited to. I picked up everyone like an hour and a half late (whatever). When we were about a block from the damn party I get stopped and given a huge ass ticket – hush, hush, I don’t want to hear about what I shoulda/coulda done in order that I not be stopped because I didn’t/couldn’t and I DID get a ticket. I just need sympathy. But at least I did not end up in jail. Yeah, that’s something to be thankful for. ANYWAY, the party was okay, not GREAT, but honestly my perception of things might have been off due to the fact that I had just had my fun encounter with the police.

Things somewhat improved on Sunday, went to see the cute guy I’m interested in, took a mutual friend with me. What the hell was I thinking??? It’s not like I could make a move on him with her there! Oh but who the hell am I kidding! I’m not going to make a move on him! I’ve got a bad case of Chicken-Shit-itis as I’m fairly certain he’s completely uninterested in me. Again FRUSTRATING in many ways, and not just because I get to go home and abuse BOB.

And then of course there was the fun of discussing the legal and financial issues of my ticket.

So yeah FRUSTRATING all weekend long. Work frustrating, lateness frustrating, legally frustrating, party frustrating, sexually frustrating (I didn’t even GET to abuse BOB after all) and financially frustrating.

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