Friday, March 10, 2006

Part Two Of Day One In Hell

Okay, whatever, it wasn’t quite that bad. Especially after two bottles of Boone’s Farm. Then I just let the Tiny Terrorist play on the computer while I slept it off the rest of the day. It all worked out.

Oh put the damn phone down, stop dialing Child Protective Services. I didn’t really do that. I don’t have a damn drop of booze around here! Yeah I know, it’s a huge surprise to you. Most people think I’m hitting the bottle every day and after they meet my kids they are convinced I’m drinking most of the day… or is it that they are convinced I drank a lot while pregnant?... hmm… whatever, it’s all wrong But I digress… I was talking about the Tiny Terrorists… and our day.

Child Dangers

Today after my 6 hour nap (kidding!), I was playing with the Tiny Terrorists. They had all these fake gold coins left over from Super Girl’s party and had them on their table. I decided that I’d take them all (pirate *shrug*). They start squealing with glee and trying to stop me. But I have the bigger hands, so suck it kids! Cabbage Patch has this plastic box that she’s trying to put some coins in and I start grabbing the coins out of there also. Next thing you know it slips out of her hands and whacks me right in the middle of the forehead. Which they think is funny (it’s not, so stop laughing) and I think is painful. I tell them to stop hurting mommy and we keep playing. Fast forward a few hours, K is home and the Tiny Terrorists are in bed. I go in to the bathroom and as I pass the mirror I notice a reddish purple line down my forehead. Yeah, from the box. Thanks kids! That’s going to look really fabulous tomorrow. *eyes rolling up in head*

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