Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fat Ankle

This kind of shit only happens to me… Today as I was walking out of work, I sprained my ankle. Just walking, that’s all. RIGHT outside work. I swear I couldn’t have gone more than 30 steps out the door when it happened. LUCKILY K was there with me (with Tiny Terrorist in tow – in disguise as two mentally challenged circus monkeys dressed as clowns, he let them dress themselves) to drive me home . I thought I was going to chum right there as I stood there waiting for him to get the car though. It hurts, I’ll be fine, it just hurts.

The last time I sprained my ankle outside work it was much worse – yes I’ve done this before. My children are doomed! Doomed I tell you! Their father is a klutz also. Poor Super Girl has inherited out fucked up genetic predisposition to being a klutz too. She can trip over nothing (just like me). I silently apologize for that every time I see that kid trip.

Anyway, I’m medicated and heading off to elevate my ankle while taking a nap.

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