Saturday, September 02, 2006

And It Just Keeps Getting Better!

I’m ready just to skip this fucking day and move right to Sunday. Fuck, I might be ready to just move right to Monday. So the rest of my work day was startlingly unprofitable. And I was hoping to be finished with work early Sunday – I generally can count on Sunday to be a short day… BUT not this week. Sunday will be very busy, I already have 7 on my schedule and that’s not even counting any births from today! Shit. THEN I had to take 121 home instead of my usually route of the toll way as all my toll way money, AND of course the 121 was packed with traffic so it was a total CRAWL and that SUCKS sooo much in the Easy Bake Oven – I’m fairly certain I’m a tad overcooked. To top it ALL off when I get home I discovered that my computer has gone TITS UP! FUCK!!! K said he’d have to reinstall the OS because it’s FUCKED. Great, wonderful, fabulous. AND I still have about a million things to get done before people arrive tonight… I need a drink… or 3. Damn it! I want a do-over on this day!

Okay, I’m better now.

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