Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Game Night ROCKED!

Game Night probably should have been called ‘The Night of Taboo! AKA The Come On My Face Game!’ We had a rousing turn out, at one point we had 9 people stuffed in my little living room – two of them being PREGNANT WOMEN. Let me assure you, I didn’t drink the water THAT night.

Anyway, it started out with La Seg and the Soldier, Claire and Billy, Horton Hears A Who and his wife and me. We busted out Taboo because La Seg has had the game for over a year and has never played. At one point in the game the Soldier or Horton Hears A Who said something like “When you’ve been having sex with a girl, she doesn’t want you to do this” and Billy said “Come on her face?” I think the word was either lie or cheat, but there was too much laughter after that to make any more guesses. From that moment on “Come on her face!” was the key phrase of the night. A close second was ‘Harrelson’ when the word ‘Woody’ came up because the Soldier said “Sometimes when a guy looks at a girl he gets a…” and after we finally guessed it he said something like “Harrelson? Why wouldn’t I be able to say Harrelson for woody?” which lead to a bunch of inappropriate comments… Think about it, I’m sure you can come up with them. Part way through the night Badra and Koolagh showed up with a couple of friends and played Taboo with us for a while.

The girls kicked the guys asses by at least 30 points. It totally made up for the fact that we had to listen to the men bitch the entire game about how we women had some kind of ‘female telepathy’ and it wasn’t fair. Whaaa-whaaa… babies!

The evening finally wound up a little after 1 am.

Enjoy the photo of the Soldier. It took all of us just to keep him away from the hot pink boa.

A little something for the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy...

No really, aqua and rhinstones are very manly... really.

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