Friday, September 08, 2006

Blind Date!

I have a blind date tonight. I’m kind of nervous about it really, which is kind of out of character for me as I usually LOVE blind dates (one of my best long term boyfriend/fuck buddies came from a blind date) just for the whole adventure and excitement and sometimes that “OMG! I wonder if he’s a serial killer!” feeling. But for some reason I’m a bit apprehensive, maybe it’s because I really haven’t been dating in a while ( I kind of gave that up last year after a string of BAD dates… remember ASSHAT the one that said we couldn’t go out for a second date unless I fucked him? Or maybe the one where I ended the date after exactly one hour, saying I was terribly busy and had to get back to my sewing? ) – I mean there was this fabulous guy back in July, but unfortunately (for me) he’s lost interest. I should be really excited, this guy wants to take me to dinner AND a movie. Wow, a real old fashioned kind of date – he’s even going to pick me up at mi casa! AND THAT may be why I’m on the brink of panic. I don’t have people pick me up here, I prefer to meet people – it makes it easier to escape if necessary and it makes it harder for them to STALK me if they decided to become PSYCHO (i.e. the pervert psycho who called me at all hours pulling his pud). But that’s not the only reason I’m a little on edge, it’s because I’m not sure we’ll click. We’ve talked on the phone before and I just don’t think he’s going to really get my sense of humor (weird, sick, sarcastic and juvenile) because he seems a little dry (unfunny and humorless) and he may not get my personality (much like a mentally challenged squirrel who’s had too much coffee). I’m hoping he’s not expecting sex after dinner, because to be quite honest guys who buy me dinner never get laid by me (well there was that one guy who did, but we had sex before dinner then after – so maybe that counts) – it’s all those guys who don’t take me to dinner that get lucky (and that list is very, very short – almost nonexistent). Whatever, wish me luck or something – I’m thinking of wearing the outfit I wore on Wednesday (damn I love that camo skirt and green boots!) though I’m mildly worried that I’ll look like a hooker with bad fashion sense. Eh whatever!

September = BOOTS!

If you weren’t at karaoke you missed the first wearing of THE BOOTS for the season. I know it’s not technically cold enough to WEAR boots yet, but fuck that, it’s September and it hardly ever really is cold enough to wear boots here anyway. Ahhh time to wear the hooker boots again. Life is good.

Mardi Gras Party

So K has invited me (instead of his new boyfriend – WTF??) to go with him to a company party. Last night we shopped for a DRESS for me (actually we were in the store just looking and K mentioned to me that the party was semi-formal or costume and I said “Oh well I better look for a dress since we are here!”) and I found the PERFECT dress – it’s PINK with an obnoxious pattern that I absolutely LOVE! The only problem is that it’s a little tight in the bust but fits everywhere else – YES tight in the bust for me! I know it’s hard to believe since I’m not sporting D (or larger) melons on my chest (like EVERYONE ELSE IS – BITCHES!). No biggie though, it’s probably just from water (fat) retention from too much recent salt (and pizza) consumption. My real problem is that I don’t have a halter bra or a strapless bra and this dress is a halter dress. Lately I’ve had no luck in the bra shopping area so I may have to resort to duct tape or just say “Fuck it, I’m going with a gay man who’s not looking at my titties anyway!” and just let them be free (not likely).

Okay, off to do something constructive with my day.

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