Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Destined To Be Vegetarian?

Tonight we went to a steak restaurant for K’s much anticipated return from Cali. Being a steak restaurant in TEXAS the walls were heavily adorned with tastefully done dead things. It was a taxidermist dream. At some point during the dinner, Super Girl started identifying some of the animals (calling a buffalo a moose) and some point, one of the Tiny Terrorists asked if the animals were real. I, being the ever-educational mother said yes. At that point, Super Girl said she was scared by all the dead critters on the walls. I, being ever so compassionate, rolled my eyes and told her to get over it they were dead. Then came the questions of how the dead animals were on the wall and a brief discussion of taxidermy. Super Girl seemed satisfied and stopped feigning fear. Cabbage Patch on the other had was FULL of questions; she wanted to know HOW the animals got dead. I told her that most of them had been hunted and killed – except the cat, that was probably hit by a car and the raccoon, some redneck probably shot that because it was in his garbage. Then she wanted to know WHY anyone would HUNT. I told her because animals are tasty. She was OUTRAGED. HUNTING is BAD. Uh-oh, she’s WAY too young to get a PETA membership. I then informed her that if she was going to become a vegetarian, she need to start actually EATING vegetables. I then listed off several veggies and asked her if she liked them – maybe 4 out of 12 and I know she was lying about liking broccoli. Then I asked her if she liked hot dogs, sausage, steak, chicken nuggets, etc. and she answered yes to all of it. Yeah, I just don’t see her giving up tasty animals any time soon.

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