Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things That Make Me Happy

My birthday makes me really happy. Just because. I love having a day all to myself. (I refuse to acknowledge anyone else’s birthday that falls on my day unless they happen to be a wee child and that just makes me happy they chose to be born on such a great day – yes I know I’m vain.) What else makes me happy – birthday parties for me that are shared with my best friends bachlorette party. Oh hey, I think I’ll just make a list for you! I know that’s what you really want (or not, but that’s what you are getting!).

1. Already listed – read the paragraph above.

2. Again, I said that already.

3. Birthday cards that make me laugh.

4. My fabulous friends wishing me a happy day.

5. My sister making to my b-day party (finally).

6. Heading to the gay bar for dancing and drag show.

7. Wearing a feather boa.

8. Being a fag magnet and having the gay men talk to me about my hair.

9. Dancing with random gay men.

10. Unintentionally looking like a short chubby drag queen because I’m wearing a boa, crazy false eyelashes and dancing at a gay bar with random gay men.

11. Being told I’m too pretty to be single (Bwhahahahahaha! As if! Their seeing eye dog must have told them that.)

12. Talking to Bruce Willis for 30 minutes Sunday night. You sexy devil!

13. Two new gerbils (Captain Jack and Captain Wil).

14. A new cell phone! Gracis D!

15. School starting next week!

16. Talking to Bruce Willis for 30 minutes Sunday night. Did I mention that already? Well it made me REALLY happy.

17. Finding an old friends e-mail by chance through the gay ex.

18. Having D solve my problem with a very simple and quick fix.

19. Being wrong about something.

20. Talking to Bruce Willis for 30 minutes Sunday night. I know I already mentioned it, but he’s a sexy mutha!

Also… K is back from his trip to Cali. YAY! He made a side trip with his man to Vegas and being the UBER GEEK that he is, he has to go to Star Trek the Experience. Being thoughtful, he bought me PRESSIES!! Being ever so slightly geeky myself – I LOVE MY TRIBBLE! He also got the Tiny Terrorists’ some way too cute Vulcan teddy bears. I’ll post photos of them in the next post.

Anyway, I’m happy today.

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