Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Freaking Tired

I’m so freaking tired. I already said that, but I’m so tired saying it twice just makes sense… or three times now. And ya know what? I feel a tad bit guilty saying that I’m TIRED after working all day… decorating cakes! I have this AMAZING job that I LOVE and it just seems insane that I’d be tired after decorating cakes all day and for that, I’m feeling a bit guilty. But… fuck that noise, I’m tired and tomorrow will be just like today… except not… since it’ll be Friday and Friday’s are busier than Thursdays… whatever.. I work every day until Monday. It’s a good thing I LOVE my job!

Will Wonders Ever Cease?

Tonight was meet the teacher night at the Tiny Terrorists school. Due to the fact that the school NEVER sent their reports cards home, I had no idea what grade they would be in. I was completely convinced that Cabbage Patch had failed Kindergarten and was fairly convinced that Super Girl had failed 2nd grade due to her issues with testing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Super Girl is now a 3rd grader and totally fucking shocked to learn that Cabbage Patch is a 1st grader! Holy Social Promotions Bat Man! My offspring passed! And I’m thrilled. My kids are ALMOST BACK IN SCHOOL! YAY! The endless litany of “I’m bored.” Is nearly OVER. Happy Dance! Happy Dance! I’m so damn proud of my girls.

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