Friday, September 07, 2007

Bribery Works!

This morning Cabbage Patch informed me repeatedly that she did not want to go to school. I of course informed her that no way in hell would she be staying home. In questioning her as to why she didn’t want to go to school, she said quite bluntly “I don’t want to learn!” hahahahahahaha! To bad! As the morning continued and she continued to whine and complain, I finally offered her a bribe. I said “Hey! If I let you buy lunch at school will that make you happy?” She grudgingly accepted my offer. As I handed over two bucks to each kid, Super Girl asked what day it was and after being told it was Friday she turned to her sister and said “Awww you should have been whiny yesterday morning! Yesterday was pizza day!”

PS She was down right grouchy yesterday morning. The return of The Badger! Luckily, yesterday all it took was The Badger Song to get all things right with the world.

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