Friday, September 07, 2007

Responsible Pet Owners Will Cringe…

This morning after K left for work, he came back in and said “Get some pants on; you will not believe what someone threw in the dumpster. It’s actually got me angry.” As I slipped into some clothes, I tried to fathom what would piss him off, a plaid sofa? A broken baby crib? A rhinestone Elvis jumpsuit? No, nothing so trivial.

Two live hamsters in their aquarium with no food or water. I was shocked and dismayed to see this as well. How can you leave a tiny little animal out in their little glass box with no water? Especially in Texas? If they even survived that, then there are all the cats, dogs, and raccoons who would love to have them for a meal.

I told K to bring them inside, I’d figure out something. I just wasn’t going to let them die outside. Now I am the foster parent of two really sweet and adorable hamsters. Yes just a foster – I will not keep them. I have two cats and four gerbils, the inn is all full up in the rodent area.

So here is the 411 on the rodents. They are obviously full grown, both male and hand tamed. One is longhaired (I call him Jabba the Hut because he looks like Jabba when he’s eating – it’s cute!) and the other is shorthaired (Jean Luc). They are a bonded pair so they must stay together. These are wonderful pets for someone, very low maintenance and they are extremely friendly. They already have an aquarium (it has a crack in it, it’s not huge though so it doesn’t need replacing) so you wouldn’t have to buy much – a new screen for the top (this one is all jacked up), a water bottle and a bag of food. Take a look at them; they are super adorable and very sweet.

If you’d like the pair and live in the area, contact me.

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