Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why Do I Do These Things? Because Some Days I Just Wake Up Stupid!

Yesterday I had a small little glass of MILK (and a cookie!). Today, well I’m not feeling so hot (probably a good thing Bruce Willis is to busy to go out – I’m not the person you want to be near at the moment). I CURSE YOU LACTOSE INTOLERANCE!!

But my lactose issues sparked an odd conversation with K (but really, all conversations with K tend to be odd… or maybe it’s just all conversations with me are odd?). He said how it was terrible that I was a Milkaphobe! He called me racist then and I denied that I was a Dairy Bigot. I resent that accusation! I have NEVER EVER said anything discriminatory about dairy products in general! I’ve had my run ins with specific items but I’ve never held that against the entire dairy production line. It’s not me! It’s THEM. See, I never turned my back on dairy, dairy made the choice to become my enemy. Until we can once again co-exist peacefully, I’ll be stand behind this line drawn in the sand (by dairy! Not me!) Okay, I’ll probably still sneak glasses of milk or slices of cheesecake occasionally and then suffer, but hey! I might spontaneously become UNlactose intolerant!

I am not a Dairy Bigot!

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