Thursday, September 06, 2007

Life's Not Fair!

At least that's what I tell the oldest of the Tiny Terrorists. Here's our list…

It's not fair that we don't have flying cars and moving sidewalks and all that happy crap from The Jetsons!

It's not fair that cookies taste so darn good and are soooo bad for you yet broccoli is good for you and doesn't taste even half as good as a big ol' chocolate chip cookie still warm from the oven (okay Super Girl says Oreo cookies – her father's DNA speaking there).

It's not fair that the cats don't work! They don't do jack squat around here other than eat, sleep and choke up hairballs. (Super Girl just lamented that they can't juggle. I have to second that one, at least if they could dance or sing or juggle they'd be some what entertaining.)

It's not fair that we don't have a robot! Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson! The laundry needs to be washed!

It's not fair that we aren't all cyberneticly enhanced. (Yes I am a GEEK.)

It's not fair that the pets don't clean up after themselves. (or my offspring for that matter!!)

It's not fair that I'm not a billionaire. That is just NOT fair.

It's not fair that my child has to do her homework now that she's wasted enough time by making this list.

…Actually that is fair. ;)

Ahem… moving on now. You might want to let this one roll to voice mail because I am YET again phoning it in! (Actual content soon to come as I've most recently found my photos from TWO, yes that's one more than one – TWO PARTIES I've attended recently. No… wait… THREE! Wow, math isn't my strong suit. Now back to today's programming. Leave a message after the beep. Rinse, lather, repeat. Not for oral or anal use. Don't run with that, you'll put your eye out!

Dude… Am I messed up in the head because I was just scanning an article and when I saw FORESIGHT my mind thought it was FORESKIN and I was all "Woah, wtf? Foreskin? Disney? Do they go together?" And then… I read it again. Heh… such a dork I am!

Oh yeah, one more NOT FAIR! No Bruce Willis for me! That is the WORST NOT FAIR! In a just and right world I would have him all the damn time. *sigh*

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