Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gotta Keep 'em Separated

I only decorated 3 cakes today. One was just plain ugly. This one I actually fucked up - TWICE.

Ah if only I actually gave a shit about football I'd probably think this was COOL.

No worries, it's what the customer wants.

Cake Concerns

I've come to realize that MANY of you are just coming to this BLOG to look at CAKE! You voyeuristic people! Taking a peep at my CAKE. I should be offended but I'm not. ;) My question is, should I start a CAKE BLOG with just photos and notes of the tasty artwork I've created and save this piece of trash blog for all the usual angst, perversion and talk of masturbation that you've all come to know and love? You make the call, CAKE or DEATH? Well you know, CAKE BLOG with a cake posted EVERY DAY or just leave it here for and let you slog through all my usual minutia of my posts to get to the tasty pictures.

Gingerbread Dreams

This week is incredibly busy at work. We have an enormous order of 67 full sheet cakes that have to be done by this weekend (the order got confirmed just this morning) plus two less people in the bakery to help out and all the regular orders as well as putting all my new cakes in the display case... I'm working 6 days a week for a bit. My brain is really on over load. I can't really think past the cake I'm doing at the very moment... well that AND the ONE THING I can NOT get off my mind - doing the big display wedding cake. (I keep dreaming of doing that!) Usually my brain not working isn't an issue and no one would even notice, except I am committed to doing that GINGERBREAD HOUSE for the contest. Gah! Brain on EMPTY! Panic! Panic! Danger Will Robinson! *flailing robot arms*

Just when I think my gingerbread house entrant is going to look like a shoe box with some Twizzlers glued to it, help arrived (so to speak). The brilliant and super sexy Bruce Willis is an endless supply of fabulous ideas for a gingerbread house. Geeky, sexy and talented in the kitchen... damn I need my vibrator now. So, I'm saved on the idea front. Just have to actually assemble and decorate the house.


Lately I've been playing games with K. Now don't give me that look, I'm talking about actual games, not mind games (come on people, I've already stated that my brain is on EMPTY). We played domino's a week or two ago and last night and tonight was cards. AND we've been teaching the offspring to play. It's cute and frustrating. I have no idea how my former step father had the patience to teach us to play games, much less Diplomacy at 9. Anyway, it's quite fun when I squash my intensely competitive nature. Eventually I won't feel any guilt when I beat them... kind of like how I feel when I kick K's ass. (Though he did win at hearts tonight.)

Okay, I'm off to finish my hair. Enjoy the cake pics and give me your feedback.

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