Thursday, November 08, 2007


Some days that's all we really need, a little perspective to put things in place. A mid day chat with the best guy EVAH (Bruce Willis) helped me with that. My foul mood has lifted and things are peachy once again.
I did 6 of these for an order today. Cupcakes decorated to look like sunflowers. Very cute.
Except that's not how the customer wanted them to look... And I didn't know this until I was well into the assembly of the top cupcakes. UGH! I wasted half an hour doing that!
Damn this cake with the fall leaves is popular! I'm starting to not like it that much. The colors are a little off in this photo, but WHATEVER!

Moving on...

I guess they really like me as the cake decorator at the store. The store director told me he'd be ordering me business cards. BUSINESS CARDS! FOR ME! Legitimate BUSINESS CARDS and not goofy ass cards my sister put an obscene phrase on in Latin. Thats so cool.

There is more I want to talk about... work stuff, but... I CAN'T since it's about SOMEONE and it's WORK RELATED and that's a BAD THING to do on the INTERWEB. Just... killing... me! *sending mental telepathy to everyone reading*

20 More Done.

We finished another 20 today and have 19 more to finish tomorrow. Wow. It's been BUSY at work. I usually end up COVERED in frosting. I now know what a cupcake feels like (and I LIKE it!).

Ginger Trouble

Due to this HUGE fucking cake order, I haven't really been able to work on the gingerbread house... except for one evening of 'planning' with Bruce Wills... which was like 15 minutes of gingerbread talk and 3 hours of hanging out. It was all good. ;) I've decided I'm going to get one of those prefab kits. I want to find the Ultimate Gingerbread House Kit by Wilton, but for fucks sake I can't find where it is and I don't have time to order it off the interweb. If ANYONE knows where I can get one locally, TELL ME! Call me on my cell or text message me or something. I must get this damn thing SOON! I have one more week of working 6 days a week (actually 7 for this week) so I don't have time to go a million different places to find this thing.

And now... I'm off to bed EARLY. Cake really can be death at times.

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