Friday, November 09, 2007

I HEART Lactaid

1/2 Gal of Blue Bell Neapolitan ice cream - $5.79 (Free coupon so nothing really)
1/2 Gal of store brand Reeses ice cream - $4.89 (free coupon again)
1 box of Lactaid Fast Acting - $3.69
Me eating two bowls of ice cream and not feeling like I'll puke, explode or die - FUCKING AWESOME!


My supervisor and I are both like zombies. Getting all these cakes done plus the regular orders and taking care of the bakery is kicking some serious ass. I'm exhausted. I'll be headed for bed very SOON.

No cake picture today, but only because I'm to fucking lazy to upload the photos. Sorry.

Terrorists Activities

Super Girl is such a 'tard some days. When I did some laundry last night I noticed that she had ripped her new camo pants (ARGGH!). This morning she wore the camo pants, I didn't even notice really since I was trying to get ready for work and shoo them out the door. Anyway, this afternoon after the terrorists return to command central (home) she lifts the back of her sweater to scratch her back and what do I see? Not just a BIG RIP in her pants but I see her shiny white ass through the rip! My progeny went COMANDO to school! Sheesh! WTF? We had to go back over the rules of what to wear to school... like PANTIES! and pants with NO HOLES in the ass! and NOT to wear the sweater that you've worn 3 times this week! Kids.

Okay, I'm off to bed.

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