Sunday, November 04, 2007

Damn Daylight Savings Time

After an amazing night I had to get up EARLY this morning to go to work. I ended up getting up at what I thought was 6 am but was really 5 am because I forgot about DST and setting my clock back an hour until I was sitting in front of the computer eating my breakfast and wishing I was still in bed. Then I looked at the time on my computer which seemed damn early to me. And I looked at my cell phone which said 6 something in the morning and then I looked at the microwave (because I was sleepy and nothing made sense) and I looked up the time on the web (WHAT? I just said I was SLEEPY) and THEN it dawned on me. I should still be SLEEPING! FUCK! I reset my alarm for 7 which would actually be 6 since I couldn't think enough to figure out how to reset my clock on my cell phone and went back to bed.

Getting up at the real 6 am was better but only slightly as my cat had decided she needed to perch on me and purr loudly for that 45 minutes. Damn cat.

I get to work at 7 am. During the morning I realize that I wasn't scheduled until 8 am. Fuck. I bake a cake that was ordered and then find that someone had already made the cake. Damn it. I drain the sink of water and manage to flood part of the bakery. Brilliant. I mop up the mess and manage to spill the mop bucket in a dry part of the bakery. Mutha fuck! At least I don't work in the meat market, today would have been my day to lose a finger or two on the meat slicer.

Fabulous Cake Of The Day!

Actually these are from YESTERDAY. Today's cakes weren't FABULOUS, just eh, cakes.

This is now in the display case, replacing the puppy that has been there forever.
I went back today and added whisker marks.
This was a really special cake. The person it was for was a Vietnam vet and a former Marine who is dieing. His daughter and granddaughters wanted the cake to be really nice for him. I drew the Marine emblem by hand.

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