Saturday, November 03, 2007

3 AM Random Thoughts

Shit... It's like 3 in the fucking morning and I can't sleep. I hate that. I don't usually have sleep issues, except maybe not getting enough sleep or having my nap interrupted. But now I can't! I can only surmise that my inability to slumber sweetly dreaming of kinky things to do to Bruce Willis is due to my stressing over all this cake decorator bullshit. And THAT my friends is just damn stupid on my part. This is my dream job (well almost, if I got paid a most fabulous amount of money, then it really would be). And now that it's MINE and ALL MINE, I'm freaking the fuck out. Maybe it's because I'm terrified I'll fuck up. And it doesn't help that my supervisor and several other people at work keep telling me how EVERYONE has such confidence in me that I'll do a great job. Not helping people, just bring me Prozac. Yes, yes I KNOW it's just whacked to be insecure because everyone is telling you how much they believe in my abilities, I'm insane you should know that by now.

Moving on...

I'm devastated that all the GOOD chocolate is GONE already. Not incredulous, just devastated. And yes it's all my doing. You think I'm going to SHARE the Reese's with the offspring? My goodness I BIRTHED them, do I really have to SHARE the good chocolate? Bah! Let them get their own! Okay, maybe they DID actually get this chocolate, but I'm their mother and they don't pay rent.

Is it too early to eat breakfast? And is left over chili from last night an appropriate and healthful choice for breakfast? If I put it over eggs does it make it better for breakfast?

One of my cats snores. I have a 5 lb cat who snores loud enough for me to hear it while I was in the bath tub and they were sleeping somewhere in my bed room. I wonder if a vet can do that snoring surgery on cats. Or better yet, I wonder if I could get my cat to wear Breath Right at night. Anyone want to help me slap that on my cat?

And again I ask, WHY is all the good chocolate gone? I should go back to bed, it's almost 4 am and I need to get up at 6 am. Must get back to the business of dreaming up naughty things to do to Bruce Willis and stop with the anxiety.

Good night fair reader, I know this post sucks, but what do you expect for this time of the morning.

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