Monday, October 29, 2007

TRF Halloween Weekend Photos

It rocked.

The Shazmeister. My ride for the weekend.

And... The GAY BOYFRIEND!!! This was before the fight.

Grandpa Hunter, my favorite Jewish dog. We caught up over a nice cup of coffee and a Kosher breakfast

Bret's bitchin' new coat!

Me as a little retard fairy who spent the whole day getting her wings caught on things. But damn I looked cute! I really need red feathers like that.

What the hell is that? It's awfully pretty in a bizarre alien way.

Queen Mystic and Duchess Fate (me) right before the queen threatened to rip my wings off. Benevolent queen my ass! (kidding!)

Bast looking as beautiful as ever.

ummm... hmmm... I don't think I can explain this one. I just put it up here because Sarge likes it A LOT. ;)

King of the NERDS?

Or King of the NERDS?

Mystic is such a CRAB sometimes.

Arrrrrr! I'm an OGRE!

Me and the Gay Boyfriend right before the booze fueled argument around the camp fire.

Let them eat CAKE! I loves me some cake!

Ya know what they say, ciggaretes will kill you. (Death really becomes her.)

The King Clan. (Do a little Where's Waldo and find the REAL Asian family amongst the fakes.) Surprisingly we were SUPER popular with the Asians who kept taking photos with the King family.)

Su King Yu on break. Practice makes perfect.

Me and my broder Fu King Yu. One day only! Special! Fuki, Suki $5!

The lovely Queen Mystic in her awesome new bodice and feathers. Hmmmm... Such nice feathers, they'll look so good with my eyes... er... um... they look so fabulous on HER. ;)

Even geshia gotta eat some time.

Awwww long lost cousin. Cum Ing and Wong Way. Funny thing happen on the way to the theater, they are walking past some Asian people and one says "He has big hat. I think he at wrong carnival."

Sho Mi Dik.

Okay, that's all, just a random sample of my photos. I can't wait for Asian Invasion at Scarby!

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