Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Sheriff In Town

Since I'm now the ONLY decorator at the store, I've been told I have to put things in the display case to show my work. It's so freaking AWESOME! And kind of scary too. It's ALL MY RESPONSIBILITY.

Usually it's like one LONG day of playing so no worries. This is one of the cakes I put in the case. I wanted to show MY STYLE.
This is one of my favorites. Just because it looks TASTY.

Two layers of chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream frosting, chocolate
ganache on top with lovely chocolate roses.

I'm really excited about all of this - excited and terrified, but more excited. Soon there will be a sign near the display case saying 'Cakes by JUDY'. Cakes by me. Can you fucking believe it????? I'm still in shock and trying to not be a total
SPAZ or be to happy that the other decorator is leaving. I'm trying to embrace my ZEN and not look like a bitch who's happy she's going. But... I AM HAPPY! Because THIS IS SOOOOOO AWESOME!

No really, this IS AWESOME. When I started this job I said to my sister (and ANYONE else who would listen) that I wanted to be fully trained within 6 months and then be a big time decorator at a bakery. Well it's been 5 months, I'm trained and ... I'm THE decorator. I really didn't imagine it would happen at the store, but hey I'm cool with this - working anywhere else would mean I couldn't walk to work and I really LOVE being able to walk to work.

So yeah, I still can't believe it! This is turning out to be such a FABULOUS year!

Gingerbread Thoughts

I ended up going with Santa's Workshop for the theme. Thank you to the three of you who made suggestions, sent links and sent photos for ideas. They were all AWESOME. I really really wanted to do a big ass gingerbread castle and have a
Renaissance Christmas theme but honestly, I couldn't figure out how to pull that all together. And really, I just wanted to make an a gingerbread castle. So Santa's Workshop it is, and only because I really have no idea what is expected in this competition. I don't have any of the rules or anything. *sigh* I'll make it work somehow.

Wow, aren't you glad I'm a cake decorator? I'm sure everyone was really tired of hearing about my lactose intolerance or my mountain of laundry that never seems to get folded. Dude, did you know that there is MILK in mashed potatoes? Yeah well I didn't. Opps sorry, me and my lactose intolerance.

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