Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today when the offspring came home from school Super Girl told me there was a banana throwing incident on the bus today. And laughed. I thought maybe they had been given 'special' brownies at lunch today and this was all in their imagination.

Maybe 10 minutes after they get home I get a phone call from the bus driver. He was quite concerned and wanted to tell me about the BANANA throwing incident. He was concerned that Super Girl was probably upset because he had yelled at the banana throwing offenders and told them he would call their parents and write them up. At this point I looked at my child who was utterly unconcerned and had not mentioned being written up or even being yelled at. The bus driver explained that even though my Tiny Terrorist had in fact thrown a banana it was only after some other monkey on the bus had throw it at her. I had to put my had over my mouth to stifle a laugh through out the rest of the call as the ever so concerned bus driver assured me that The Tiny Terrorists were well behaved and a complete joy to have on the bus and would not be written up in light of the fact that Super Girl had not initiated the throwing of the banana.

I hung up (quite amused) and asked Super Girl to tell me exactly what happened with the Banana Incident. I tried to sound concerned and slightly angry to see if she was even slightly concerned by the bus drivers threat. She said that a mean girl threw the banana at her and she threw it back, then it got thrown back at her and she just put it on the floor. Nope, wasn't concerned by the bus driver.

So, I'm a bad mom. My response was to just laugh. How ridiculous is it to be called about a banana throwing incident?

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