Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Awesome Cake Of The Day!

This one didn't photograph very well with my camera phone. It's amazingly cool though. The person who go it wanted a stupid red border on it though and that kind of made it less cool.


A little too much crap on this one, but I like how the air brushed background looks.

Moving on...

Today I got the word that as of Monday I'll be the ONLY cake decorator at the store. The other decorator is moving to the new store and I'll be the new sheriff in town. *shines up imaginary star* Let me tell you, that is exciting. And fucking SCARY. I'll be going in on Friday to help with a big ass wedding cake since I'll have a big ass wedding cake to do the next Saturday and I've never done that alone.

The COOL news is that I'll be the one doing the Gingerbread House for the big ass contest. YAY!!!! Now I have to submit my theme on Thursday. I have... NOTHING! HELP me Interweb! Give me ideas! And nothing that involves skulls or severed limbs, nothing copyrighted and remember this is for CHRISTMAS so ixnay on the cool Chanukah stuff. Seriously - give me ideas, be graphic (with your ideas, no nudity), leave in comments or send me e-mails, text message, phone calls... no mental telephathy - I get that all confused with the voices that are normally in my head. Now go, find me ideas! Now! Now! Now!

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