Friday, November 02, 2007

Eye Candy

Out of all the candy my kids harvested for me... er got for Halloween, THIS is by far the MOST disturbing and yet totally cool! The moment I saw it I called dibs on it and forbade the Tiny Terrorist from eating it..kind of like I did with all the Reeses, Twix and Almond Joy (which sadly this year was only a few of each). Unlike the chocolate I laid claim to, I had/have no intentions on eating this repulsive little confection.

They eye candy is absolute genius and I really wish I knew WHO was giving this out so I could knock on that door and tell them how fucking awesome they are (I'd also like to know who was giving out the nasty peanut butter taffy and scripture mints so I could tell them how much they SUCK). The BEST part of the eye is that it's SQUISHY! Making it much to disgusting to actually eat (it comes it a little form fitting plastic container to keep it from getting smashed).

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